Yongji Wu


Email: yongji [at] yongjiwu [dot] me

I am a final year PhD student in Computer Science at Duke University, where I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Danyang Zhuo and Prof. Matthew Lentz. Before that, I received my Bachelor degree from the School of the Gifted Young at University of Science and Technology of China in 2020, where I worked with Prof. Defu Lian.

My research interests include datacenter networks and machine learning systems. I build systems for high-performance and manageable machine learning training and inference in multi-tenant datacenters and cloud environments. I have also worked on data mining, recommender systems and differential privacy before.

selected publications

    MCCS: A Service-based Approach to Collective Communication for Multi-Tenant Cloud
    Yongji Wu, Yechen Xu, Jingrong Chen, Zhaodong Wang, Ying Zhang, Matthew Lentz, and Danyang Zhuo
    ACM SIGCOMM 2024 Conference (SIGCOMM), 2024
  2. NSDI
    Remote Procedure Call as a Managed System Service
    Jingrong Chen*Yongji Wu*, Shihan Lin, Yechen Xu, Xinhao Kong, Thomas Anderson, Matthew Lentz, Xiaowei Yang, and Danyang Zhuo
    The 20th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), 2023
  3. VLDB
    Serving and Optimizing Machine Learning Workflows on Heterogeneous Infrastructures
    Yongji Wu, Matthew Lentz, Danyang Zhuo, and Yao Lu
    The 49th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), 2023
  4. USENIX Security
    Poisoning Attacks to Local Differential Privacy Protocols for Key-Value Data
    Yongji Wu, Xiaoyu Cao, Jinyuan Jia, and Neil Zhenqiang Gong
    The 31st USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security), 2022


Conference Reviwer KDD 2024, ACML 2024, SDM 2024, KDD 2023
Journal Reviwer Frontiers in Big Data